A Massage Remedy for Muscle Injuries and Pain

Although conventional medicine is often recommended and effective for pain relief, many people now turn to complementary medicine as an alternative. When tendons and joints have been damaged due to overuse of muscles, other specialised techniques are a means of tracking the reason for the ailment rather than the symptoms.

One of these options is known as remedial massage. This form of massage differs from a relaxation massage in that it it is a therapeutic remedy, which can be either mild or strong, according to the problem. Various diagnostic tools are used before treating a specific condition.

Therapeutic massage is not a new concept. It dates back to the early Greek cultures. The early Indian and Chinese are also known to have used massage techniques to help improve health.

Many athletes tend to use this form of massage; however, it is just as beneficial for people who do not partake in sport. It has been seen to be effective for injuries that have occurred due to general accidents, such as falling off ladders or tumbling down stairs. It also benefits those who have been in road accidents, depending on the severity of the injury. It is extremely effective for office workers who are stuck in the same position for a large portion of there day behind a computer, drawing board or reception desk. In fact, it can benefit anyone who experiences soft tissue injuries or tightness.

The procedure involves a hands-on massaging and stroking techniques in combination with trigger point releases, which releases muscles that have become stiff and, at the same time, it relaxes the soft tissues.

Those who suffer from headaches can receive considerable relief after only a few massage sessions of the shoulders, temples and neck areas.

The massage is carried out on the specific areas that require treatment. When used by a qualified remedial massage therapist, this treatment provides several benefits:

  • It stimulates the blood supply, which enables the release of muscle toxins;
  • It helps to reduce pain and tenderness by relieving the peripheral nerve system;
  • It improves the condition of the cells;
  • It helps to restore the tissues; and
  • It reduces tension and stiffness.

People who suffer from chronic conditions such as arthritis, tennis elbow and curvature of the spine can receive relief from massage. Trained and licensed massage therapists are trained to expertly identify the areas that need relief and use the appropriate techniques.

Professional therapists also understand how the human body works, which is vital to achieve optimal outcomes during treatment. Remedial massage therapists also have to be aware of any risks and/or contra-indications to certain techniques for certain conditions. When choosing a remedial massage therapist make sure he/she is registered with the Australian Association of Massage Therapists (AAMT).

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