Breathe Easier with Massage

In today's busy world we all spend time rushing about, not taking enough time to smell the flowers and forgetting to take the best care of our bodies. Stress is a very common ailment in our society as are many other health issues that could be prevented with some self-care.

If you are experiencing poor health and any kind of anxiety that affects your breathing or general wellbeing, then it might be time to consider massage to help these problems improve and possibly melt away all together.

Massage to improve your breathing

Many people actually don't know how to breathe properly or simply forget if they are stressed and busy. A long deep breath that fills your chest rather than short shallow breaths is what you should be taking; if you are not then you may experience tightness around your ribs or abdomen, and airflow can be constricted.

When you run into breathing difficulties you invite all kinds of respiratory issues to occur, re-occur or persist. These can include bronchitis, asthma, sinus problems and allergies. Research has proven that massage is very beneficial to respiratory function because many of the muscles found in the upper body and back aid the respiratory system.

Massage works in helping your respiratory function by loosening and lengthening the muscles that have become contracted and which have suppressed normal breathing. Posture also improves greatly with massage, which, in turn, opens the chest area to improve lung function.

One of the most obvious ways massage can improve your breathing is of course when you are actually experiencing the blissful moment. Your nervous system responds to the work and the pace of your breathing becomes slower, more regular and deep. Tapotement is particularly helpful in this instance as the rhythmic stroke can assist in breaking up mucus in the lungs when combined with shaking and vibration.

Breathing properly to increase relaxation and reduce anxiety and stress is easy enough to forget when it has been some time since you felt relaxed, though with massage you become accustomed to what 'relaxed' feels like and individuals can find it easier to recreate this state from memory.

With massage and improved breathing you will enjoy a more relaxed state, increased energy levels and reduce symptoms of troublesome issues such as sinus. It is very easy to let stress and anxiety weigh you down in life or let other respiratory issues spoil your day. Don't put up with it any longer.  Book your massage with a highly qualified therapist today to reap the benefits that await you.
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