Continence and Women's Health

The benefits of Physiotherapy in the treatment of sporting injuries and rehabilitation are widely acknowledged, but did you know that physiotherapy can cure (yes, cure!) incontinence? It's a sensitive topic that is too often avoided for fear of embarrassment, and if left untreated, can seriously affect your health and lifestyle. As many as one in three women experience problems with incontinence; some of the common symptoms of which are:
  • Leaking urine when squeezing, coughing, running, laughing (or other sudden actions).
  • Not getting to the toilet in time.
  • Tampons don't stay in place.
  • Vaginal or anal wind (flatus) when bending and lifting.
  • Bulging felt at the vaginal opening (prolapse).
  • Difficulty emptying the bowel completely
You may experience any of the above symptoms if you:
  • Are pregnant or a new mother.
  • Are menopausal.
  • Lift heavy objects often.
  • Suffer from constipation.
  • Are overweight.
  • Cough frequently.
  • Have a low backache.
  • Go to the toilet often to pass small amounts of urine.
Physio on Brunswick have practitioners with specialist training in the diagnosis and management of continence and other women's health issues. We can also provide you with some great resources to help you to help yourself in the comfort of your home. For discreet, professional and effective treatment, please call us on 3252 5277. Located just five minutes' walk from Fortitude Valley railway station, and ten minutes' drive from Brisbane CBD - with free parking available for the duration of your appointment - Physio on Brunswick is ready to help you regain control, with ease and convenience.
If you’re looking for a women's health physio in Brisbane, Fortitude Valley, New Farm and surrounding suburbs the team Physio on Brunswick can help. Call us on 3252 5277 to arrange your appointment or pop in to meet our friendly reception team for assistance. 
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