Experience and Skills Top Reasons to Choose Physiotherapist Services

Choosing professional health services is often difficult because the prospective patient has no way of knowing what quality of care they will receive until they are under treatment. Referrals from GPs, word-of-mouth information from family and friends and anecdotal evidence from acquaintances are all methods that people use to choose a health provider. It would be much better if the choice was made after doing some independent investigation, giving the enquirer some feeling of control over their situation.

One of the many benefits of the internet is the ability it has given users to do research from the comfort of their homes. Simply entering information into a search engine brings up websites full of information that people can use to make their own decisions. Searching for an expert physiotherapist, for example, will lead the enquirer to Physio on Brunswick, and information about their excellent range of services and skilled staff.

Physio on Brunswick is centrally located near the Brisbane CBD, making it a very convenient option for central city workers to access treatment during breaks. They offer a very comprehensive range of treatments including massage, Pilates, hydrotherapy, acupuncture, exercise physiology, podiatry and even the services of a dietician. Their dietician works in conjunction with their exercise physiologist to assist people to support their exercise plan with specific dietary requirements.

Injuries Assessed and Treated by Experts

The skilled physiotherapists at Physio on Brunswick are experts at assessing and treating common injuries through various techniques. Regularly recurring neck and back pain, headaches, knee injuries and common sports injuries all respond to physiotherapy especially if the patient attends regularly scheduled treatments and follows instructions for independent work at home. With sport so prominent in our society, injuries are inevitable and, as a result, sports rehabilitation is a major part of the treatment conducted at the clinic.

Not every physiotherapy practice has the facilities to offer hydrotherapy, but Physio on Brunswick is an exception. This treatment is ideal for people with weight related or other injuries; or incomplete paraplegics who benefit from using the buoyancy afforded by the pool to assist with exercise. Weakened muscles can be slowly strengthened in this safe environment, allowing patients to be more active while supported by the water. Qualified physiotherapists / instructors are with the patient for the entire session and create a safe and positive environment for treatment to take place.

With a full staff of qualified and experienced physiotherapists, remedial massage therapists, dieticians, podiatrists, acupuncturists and administration personnel, Physio on Brunswick can confidently offer services across a wide range of related disciplines. Do your own research at www.physioonbrunswick.com.au and make an appointment to see one of their trained therapists.

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