Get Into the Best Shape of your Life with Help from an Exercise Physiologist

Obesity is now a major health crisis that will affect our nation for decades to come. The result of this lack of attention to individual health is that type 2 diabetes patients will overwhelm our health system, diverting funds and medical skills from the care and treatment of other illnesses and injuries. This is made all the more distressing because type 2 diabetes, in most cases, is a disease caused by a sedentary lifestyle and poor diet, and is almost totally preventable.

Do we really need any more studies to convince us of the value of sound nutrition and exercise? How many more academic papers must be written and focus groups convened before we all realise that the answer lies with each individual? There are already many different programmes available that assist people to restore their bodies to health and fitness. For people who need individual attention and direction, there is no better approach than to use an exercise physiologist.

What is an Exercise Physiologist?

An exercise physiologist is a professionally trained expert, not only in designing and implementing tailored exercise programmes to suit individual needs, but is also a skilled nutritionist. This combination is dynamite in restoring the human body to a state of health and fitness in a relatively short time. There is no point in undertaking a rigorous exercise programme if the body is still being fuelled with an inappropriate and unhealthy diet.

Many Benefits of Combining Exercise and Nutrition

Obesity may not be the reason for consulting an exercise physiologist. It could simply be that your body does not respond the way it used to, and you want to restore that vital, youthful flexibility and energy that you once had. Unfortunately, ageing is sneaky and an exercise or task that was simple to perform now causes breathlessness. Once the limbs cool down, muscles that have been underutilised for months suddenly scream out “here I am,” and the only immediate relief comes from a massage.

For those who want to challenge themselves to reach the peak of their physical capabilities, an exercise physiologist can give expert assistance that will push them to the limit. If there is a particular sport or an individual target that needs to be reached to satisfy that challenge, the exercise physiologist will create a combination of exercise, nutrition and body science to suit the circumstances. Many people now derive great satisfaction from completing events such as the Bridge to Bridge or half marathons, and they often just need that extra help to improve their times from previous years.

It would be a tragedy for someone to start an exercise programme on their own with much desired goals in mind, but fall by the wayside simply through the lack of a trained coach for guidance. Further information is available here. An exercise physiologist is that coach, guide, mentor and physical trainer who can set out a programme, provide advice and encouragement and help create a better, fitter you.



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