Hot Stone Massage - a Blissful Experience that Banishes Stress

Everyone needs some form of stress relief after a difficult day at work or perhaps when dealing with an emotionally or physically draining circumstance. There are many different types of therapy available and one that is increasingly popular is massage. Within the massage discipline, there is a variety of options all designed to have different effects on the body and the issue at hand.

Remedial massage therapy has been proven to reduce the amount of recovery time required from an injury. A more traditional massage will assist with stress relief and promote relaxation, while corporate clients are recognising the benefits of arranging mobile massage therapists to visit the workplace. The lucky workers have 15 minutes with a therapist, loosening up tense shoulders, necks and arms.

Hot Stone Massage Excellent for Relaxation

For a different twist to the traditional massage, Physio on Brunswick offers their clients a hot stone massage. This sounds a bit risky and quite alternative but it is a great relaxation tool that keeps the body free of muscle tension. The stones used in the hot stone massage are smooth and flat, and a professionally trained therapist will typically have a set of up to 35 stones of differing sizes.

Basalt is the best type of stone as it is very dense and holds heat for longer than other stones. While Australian basalt is plentiful, it is not suitable for hot stone massage, as it is less dense, it doesn't hold heat well and it cracks easily. The best stones are imported from overseas, which have been worked or carved into different shapes and perfectly paired. There are two identical stones of each size in every set. A trained therapist takes great care to acquire a set of stones of superior quality to give their clients the best massage for their hot stone massage experience.

Relaxed Body and Calm Mind - Total Stress Relief

Some stones are used for placement and others for performing massage movements. The placement stones warm the body and relax the muscles. This in turn improves circulation and calms the mind. The combination of stones and heat have a therapeutic effect, and devotees find that once having had a professional hot stone massage, they much prefer it to a traditional massage.

The placement or stationary stones are placed on the key energy points of the body. They are typically placed in the palms of the hands, between the toes, along the spine and on the abdomen. Massage oil is applied to the body to allow the movement of the stones to glide easily over the skin. As the stones cool they are replaced by heated stones until the massage is completed.

A hot stone massage is an absolute stress buster and Physio on Brunswick is the place to go to savour this unique experience. Go to the clinic's location and further details.

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