Injury? Pain? Stress? Massage it all Away

It is easy to become over-stressed or continue to put up with any aches and pains in the busy lifestyle we have today. The pressure is on to go, go and keep going, which doesn't leave us much time to stop, breathe and do what is necessary to recharge.

However, taking time out for you is a necessity and if you don't do it, you will simply burn out. Massage is an ideal time out for anyone experiencing stress, pain and a general lack of feeling good. It offers many wonderful benefits to everyone and when you visit a highly experienced physiotherapist, you are guaranteed the best massage possible that will have you floating out of the room.

Physio on Brunswick cures your ills.

The highly professional and experienced team at Physio on Brunswick know all the right moves to assist you in recovering faster from what ails you. Whether it is stress, an injury or just a lack of time for yourself, Physio on Brunswick is where you need to be.

Physio on Brunswick has qualified massage therapists who can effectively use massage to treat you and provide relaxation and healing. They offer remedial massage and hot stone massage for private clients and corporate clients.

Remedial massage is wonderful for those who have suffered an injury and it will speed recovery and offer many healing benefits. However, if you are just looking for something to soothe away the tension in your muscles, then a blissful hot stone massage will be effective.

Staff who feel good, work better

The majority of stress in our lives comes from work. As an office manager or business owner, you can provide the best working conditions possible but work-related stress is unavoidable. But Physio on Brunswick is here to help.

They offer corporate massages to businesses that want to keep their staff relaxed and happy. They travel to you so there is no time or money lost in staff travel and each staff member can enjoy a 15-minute trip to heaven, right there in the office.

A 15-minute massage is enough to release the feel-good endorphins and reward your hardworking staff so they know they are appreciated. If you would like to organise a corporate massage for a team or a massage for yourself as an individual, contact Physio on Brunswick today by calling 07 3252 5277 or visit us online at

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