Massage - More than Relaxation

In the age striving to take more time out for ourselves there are more and more people turning to massage as an effective and relaxing form of stress relief. However, massage has much more to offer than just relaxation

Findings in research have shown that massage has the ability to boost the immune system for women, who have been diagnosed with breast cancer. It also offers children with asthma some relief and offers those who suffer carpal tunnel syndrome an increased strength in their grip.

Even in babies who are premature, the gentlest of massage can help them to gain weight and thrive. Muscles repair faster if exhausted from exercise; massage is also fantastic for treating lower back pain.

Remedial deep tissue massage

Deep tissue massage targets problem muscles by using trigger point work, acupressure and also deep transverse friction. Trigger point focuses on the knots that can form in the muscles while deep transverse friction involves the massage therapist breaking up scar tissue by moving back and forth over the muscle fibres. This massage is extremely beneficial for improving the healing process of muscle injuries that can be caused by car accidents or sports.

Hot Stone Massage

The main focus of a hot stone massage is relaxation; however, this style of massage still has health benefits to offer. Stress is greatly reduced with hot stone massage, which can cause many health issues if untreated. Hot stone massage reduces levels of stress as well as effectively relaxing your muscles. When your muscles are relaxed it is easier to manipulate the tissue at a deeper level to begin the healing process.

Hot stone massage is also very effective for managing hypertension, musculoskeletal problems, fibromyalgia and arthritis. If you are over tired, for any number of reasons, and have trouble sleeping, hot stone therapy is fantastic. People who suffer insomnia often like to get hot stone massages. Hot stone massages also release toxins from your body which is great when used in conjunction with a detox diet and exercise.

For anyone who suffers any stress, anxieties or physical ailments, massage is truly a magical, wonderful healing service. Massage vouchers make excellent gifts, even for those who are in good health and as a gift for yourself. If you're experiencing any kind of illness or physical or mental stress then massage is sure to help you with more than just relaxation.

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