Massage Therapy a Proven Method of Combating Stress

The validity of studies showing stress to be the trigger for a wide range of life-threatening health conditions is no longer being challenged. There is enough evidence available now to support the claims. People who have taken steps to remove stress from their lives have seen their overall health dramatically improve. Typically, they experience a reduction or even a complete absence of previously troubling symptoms, and a general feeling of wellness.

Health Authorities Support Health Benefits of Massage

Health authorities are well aware of the damaging effects of stress, and look seriously at every avenue that may reduce or even prevent chronic conditions. Desperate to relieve the strain on an over-burdened system, they endorse traditional treatments and some alternative therapies. Their aim is to encourage people to take charge of their own situations and get stress out of their lives.

Massage therapy is one of the most popular choices and is now recognised as beneficial to the overall well-being of everyone, especially those strung out by circumstances and lifestyle choices. Physio on Brunswick offers a range of options, including remedial massage therapy, to speed recovery from injury. Their general massage treatments are especially suitable for stress relief, and corporate packages are available for companies that wish to treat their hard-working staff to on-the-job therapy.

A massage is an excellent strategy to combat a number of stress-building factors. The soothing manipulation invokes feelings of total relaxation. In this state, muscles that have tensed against a daily onslaught of long commutes to work, deadlines and problems competing for attention, slacken and resume their proper state in the body. The surrounding tissue receives increased blood flow, the heart rate slows and the mind begins to let go some of the useless chatter that constantly pervades it.

Benefits of a Full Body Massage

Apart from the physical benefits, a full body massage can assist the mind to release much of the negativity experienced in a normal day in our society. Thoughts generate our emotional responses, our reaction to those emotions drives our behaviour and our behaviour delivers consequences back to us. If we want better outcomes and less negative consequences, we need to control our responses. Learning to relax the mind while undergoing a therapeutic massage is a powerful way to banish negative thoughts and relieve stress.

A full body massage can increase serotonin production and decrease cortisol production. Serotonin assists in the regulation of learning, mood, sleep and constriction of the blood vessels. Low levels of serotonin are thought to contribute to depression. Because massage increases the serotonin levels, it is a valuable tool to assist in the treatment of depression. Cortisol increases in the body to assist its stress responses. When the body remains stressed for long periods of time, however, it has adverse affects. Massage lowers cortisol and allows the body to return to normal.

Having a massage every now and a then will not give the body the maximum stress reducing benefits. Regular massage sessions should be part of everyone's schedule. The Physio on Brunswick specialist massage therapists will take regular bookings to keep you on track. Additional information and contact details are on their website at Just send an enquiry and a staff member will contact you.

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