Mum was Right! A Little of Everything is a Sound Approach to Eating

As science continues its research into human nutrition, it seems that all the warnings we were given about fad diets are proving to be well founded. Fad diets only provide a temporary weight loss and they are often nutritionally unsound, whilst interfering with the natural operation of the body's metabolism. The body becomes sluggish, and once the person resumes a normal diet, most of the weight returns. 

Diet Programmes

There are, however, several successful and well known diet programmes that have been around for many years. Devotees lose weight slowly, change their thinking about food, and maintain their goal weight without too much difficulty.

It is no surprise then, that these diet programmes are based around the five food groups and the importance of eating a balanced diet. No fads to be seen anywhere! Successful programmes have other things in common. They require the person wanting to shed weight to set realistic weight loss goals. They are all based on an eating plan with lots of variety, whilst encouraging portion control. Drinking water regularly is also recommended.

Help! I'm Totally Confused about What to Eat

The relationship between our diet and our general health and well-being is complex, and while it is true that setting goals is vital to long-term nutritional success, such goals will be different for each individual. The desired result for someone wanting to lose weight is obviously different from someone who wants to increase strength or perform at a chosen sport. A pregnant woman will need a different eating strategy from someone with high cholesterol, who wants to control the condition through diet, rather than medication. Setting realistic goals and being able to see a progression towards them is an excellent motivator, regardless of the reasons behind them.

Discussing personal goals with a dietician is the best way to arrive at an eating plan that is tailored specifically to you. The dietician will consider your age, weight, height, lifestyle, work and family demands, physical requirements and reasons for wanting to take control of your nutrition. The conversation will include possible targets and time frames and any health concerns that may jeopardise the success of the plan.

Successful Eating Plans

With many health practitioners now combining professional disciplines in one location, dieticians are available at city physio practices. This makes the regular visits very convenient for clients who can access various professionals during a single visit. For example, successful eating plans are usually combined with regular exercise, so the consultation with the dietician can be followed by a session with an exercise physiotherapist.

The combination of a tailored eating plan, personal goals leading towards a desired outcome, and regular exercise, if all followed as set down, is almost guaranteed to create a successful result. Reaching these goals through this effort and attention to your personal health will give a great boost to your self esteem. In addition, the knowledge that you will gain about nutrition is something you can share with your family and improve the general health of everyone.


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