Prevent Illness and Feel Good

In our society of rush, rush and keep going it becomes quite easy to become run down and ill. We forget to take time out for ourselves or we just put it off because we have too much on; whatever the reason, it is important to stop doing this and take better care of our bodies.

Along with healthy eating and exercise there is a simple way to take care of yourself, giving you that much needed time out whilst improving your immune system and that is with  massage. You may be surprised right now to learn that massage actually helps your immune system but it is true.

What causes us to get sick?

Apart from the obvious factor of illnesses going around, we can also get sick easily if we are suffering high levels of stress and also if we are missing sleep, which can be caused by stress. This stress can come from anywhere in your life for any number of reasons; it is important that you tackle this problem and you can do this easily with massage.

How does massage help?

Of course, massage is incredibly relaxing and this will naturally reduce stress levels greatly, especially if you get one on a regular basis. But there are other ways that massage improves your immune system.

There have been clinical studies conducted on the benefits of massage to the immune system and the findings are that the cytotoxic capacity of the immune system is naturally raised. The cytotoxic capacity is the level of activity of your body's naturally occurring 'killer cells'.

Massage is also proven to lower the number of T-cells, which will benefit your immune system greatly and improve the overall function of your body. Massage is also well known for increasing the levels of serotonin in your body, which is a naturally produced happy hormone that makes you feel good.

When your immune system is stronger, you will benefit greatly. Aside from not falling ill as often, your body will also fight infection and bacteria easier as well as be able to keep up with your busy work and exercise schedule better. With massage you will also not only feel better but look better as an improvement to your health begins to show.

Take the next step into your health and wellbeing and begin getting regular massages to soothe, relax and heal you. You can book with a qualified therapist by calling Physio on Brinswick on 07 3252 5277 and learning more about the benefits that await you.


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