Remedial Massage Therapy - A Soothing and Beneficial Treatment

Remedial massage therapy is an excellent treatment for a range of deep tissue and musculo-skeletal conditions. Everyone at some time has felt muscular discomfort and expressed the notion that they feel like their body is tied up in knots. This occurs when muscle fibres shorten and tighten due to excessive strain in a particular area, or the overuse of parts of the body not usually put under intense pressure. A good example is a sedentary worker who is given some unfamiliar manual tasks, or a person who rarely plays sport being asked to 'fill in' to make up the numbers.

No obvious discomfort is felt at the time or even immediately after, but once the body has cooled down, the effects are felt, often quite dramatically. Stiffness and pain during movement or sore points being felt when sitting down or in particular positions are all the consequences of putting pressure on areas that are not used to it. This is not serious, of course, but as with most things, moderation is best at the beginning until the body becomes accustomed to this new movement.

How Does Remedial Massage Help?

In the meantime, remedial massage can relieve the immediate symptoms and provides some natural pain relief. It relaxes the entire body, can free up knotted areas, increases the range of motion and stimulates an overall feeling of wellness that is absolutely delightful. Undergoing a massage for the first time can be a little disconcerting as the patient may not know quite what to expect, but an experienced therapist will quickly put him or her at ease and explain the process.

At Physio on Brunswick, our remedial massage therapists are available for individual consultation. Corporate clients can request that the therapist attend the workplace for an excellent and unique way of rewarding their people. A fifteen minute massage with a qualified therapist can lift the mood, relieve stress and boost productivity.

The therapists are trained in a range of massage techniques, including hot rock massage.

What Are The Effects On The Body?

Remedial massage therapy encourages the muscles to allow fresh, oxygenated blood to enter and flush out any toxins that have built up. This strengthens the immune system and improves energy levels. A whole-of-body massage to some people may seem unnecessary if there is only one area that is causing a problem. However, the body operates best when it is an integrated system with everything working together as it should.

The firm, gentle pressure exerted by the therapist relaxes each area which decreases the tightening effect it has had on the next area until the whole musculo-skeletal system is functioning as one unit. This is especially helpful in treating neck and back pain, sciatica, frozen shoulder, tension headaches and the number one modern culprit - stress. Physio on Brunswick is a premium provider of therapies to relieve stress, as it is recognised as the cause of much of the illness we experience today.

No one needs to suffer pain and discomfort when a session with a remedial massage therapist can provide such far-reaching health benefits. With many health fund providers recognising these benefits and providing rebates to their members, the financial constraints are also alleviated. Information about health fund providers is on their website at so check them out and make an appointment.

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