The Benefits Of Stretching

But what about stretching, we know it compliments exercise, but how does it really help?

  1. The muscles and tendons are loosened which can prevent fatigue with exercise (certain stretches can also target the neural tissue)
  2. Improved circulation to the muscles with stretching is another way to counteract fatigue - blood does not pool in the muscle and waste products get moved away
  3. Stretching wakes up the brain - body connection; meaning increased co-ordination and better positioning during exercise, which can decrease the risk of injury
  4. Improved posture - restoring optimal length - tension relationship which again can safeguard against injury and lead to more efficient performance
  5. Reduced soreness
  6. Greater sense of wellbeing - You feel great and so does your body!!



  1. Always stretch to your own limits (don’t worry what someone else can do)

  2. Hold at the point of discomfort for 30seconds and slowly release

  3. Keep breathing

  4.  If you find it difficult to stretch on your own join a class

POB have a weekly Wednesday stretch class, the perfect mid week pick me up!


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