The Route to Take for Sports Injuries

Sports injuries, similar to any other injury, can be painful and frustrating. It needs time to heal, the length of which depends on the type and severity of injury. Even though sportspeople might be fit and healthy, the can just as easily suffer from torn muscles and broken bones than anyone else.

This is particularly true when accidents occur as a result of poor exercise methods or if inferior equipment and badly designed sports gear are used. Injuries are also regularly reported because people don't perform warm-up and stretching exercises. Some of the mishaps can also be associated with acute trauma linked to equipment failure or not paying attention.

Nevertheless, help is always at hand. A well-known physiotherapy clinic in Brisbane, Physio on Brunswick is the choice centre of distinction for all your rehabilitation requirements.

Physio on Brunswick comprises a team of physiotherapists who specialise in a number of physiotherapy programmes for every kind of injury. One of their areas of expertise is hydrotherapy. This refers to the science of the use of water for healing of the body. Although it hasn't always been a well known treatment, it has been in existence for hundreds of years. The Romans and Greeks are credited as having practiced hydrotherapy. Currently, there is an escalating interest in hydrotherapy, due to its success in recent years.

Hydrotherapy at Physio on Brunswick is one of their specialised spheres, amongst many others, such as massage, Pilates and podiatry. The state of the art hydrotherapy pool is a popular healing tool. Not only are the rehabilitation exercises easier to perform in water, the qualified physiotherapists provide specialised guidance regarding the movement of the impaired muscles. They can even supply you with a personalised programme that you can follow by yourself in the heated onsite hydrotherapy pool.

Sporting injuries are given particular attention because it is important to move the injured limbs as soon as possible, this is called functional recovery or relative rest. However, it is necessary to make sure that those with injuries do not over-exert themselves whilst performing the exercises. A specialist instructor is nearby in order to supervise the exercises in the water.

Facilities at the clinic include a disabled hoist so that those with serious injuries are able to be safely lowered into the water. Patients with severe injuries, including incomplete paraplegics, are carefully supervised during each session.

Physio on Brunswick is conveniently situated in Brisbane and it is a couple of minutes drive from the CBD. The clinic is only a few blocks from the Brunswick Street Mall and Fortitude Valley train station. The friendly team will explain the healing process, which will put you at ease and eager to begin your hydrotherapy session.

Further information can be obtained from Physio on Brunswick's website which is or they can be contacted on 3252 5277 for appointment enquiries


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