Type 2 Diabetes and Exercise – what exercise is best?

Type 2 diabetics get the same health benefits as the rest of the population from exercise with added improvements to their blood glucose control with an appropriate exercise program. It can be a challenge to fit in exercise to our modern lifestyle, the time spent commuting and sitting seems to be on the increase.  

 But what exercise is best?  In terms of improving blood glucose current evidence suggests a combination of resistance training and aerobic exercise is the most effective.  Further research is being undertaken to understand why this combination is the most effective.

How do you know if your exercise program is effective in the long-term control of your blood glucose level? Diagnosed Type 2 Diabetics should be getting regular blood testing that shows your HbA1c.  HbA1c reflects blood glucose control for the previous 6-8 weeks, rather than the daily ups and downs that will be shown with fingerprick testing.  For Type 2 Diabetics a HbA1c under 7 is desirable.

For additional information look at the American College of Sports Medicine and American Diabetes Association joint position statement titled “Exercise and Type 2 Diabetes”

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