What Can Pilates do for You?

Pilates, as an exercise and general wellness philosophy, has advanced to the point where it is a preferred method of treating people with injuries who may not otherwise attempt to engage in varied exercise. There are two Pilates methods available today; the traditional method taught by Joseph Pilates and continued by his students, and the modern method based on his teachings and further developed by physiotherapists and fitness experts. Controlled movement from a strong core are fundamental to both methods.

At Physio on Brunswick, Pilates is available to clients in a controlled environment in classes ranging from one-on-one to machine classes that have a maximum of three students, and mat classes of between four and six people. These tailor-made classes allow the instructors to give individual attention to clients and their specific needs, particularly those with pre-existing injuries.

Whole of Body Benefits with Regular Pilates Sessions

Clients who attend regular Pilates sessions are undergoing a focused and controlled physical programme that benefits the entire body. While specific areas can be targeted and will improve with continued exercise, the overall philosophy of Pilates is to strengthen the core from which all movement then flows to the outer limbs. Gaining this control of the body gives clients a balanced and efficient way of moving that impacts every area of their lives. It carries over into daily living habits and activities such as sport and fitness.

Regular Pilates clients gain strength and flexibility, relieve lower back pain and reduce reoccurrence by up to 80%, and also report relief of knee, shoulder and neck problems. One of the greatest benefits to women with stretched pelvic floor muscles is the control they are able to gain over their bladder functions. Incontinence is something that many women silently struggle with and accept as a consequence of giving birth. They don't realise that regular sessions of Pilates with this issue specifically targeted by the trained staff at Physio on Brunswick can bring about a vast improvement.

Trained Instructors Can Assist with Injury Management

Everyone can benefit from regular attendance at Pilates sessions with trained instructors. It can correct the poor mechanics that are the basis of injuries, improve posture and flexibility, create greater trunk stability, enhance centre and breathing control and build greater resistance to injury. In terms of injury management, the qualified Pilates instructors at Physio on Brunswick bring together Pilates exercises and injury pathology to develop individual programmes.

The combination of Pilates and massage allows the client the opportunity to completely relax and unwind with a therapeutic massage following the Pilates session. Clients who do this regularly report a feeling of euphoria as the body is toned and strengthened through their own effort, then given over to someone else who works out any sore spots and brings them back to earth. It is the ultimate indulgence that also provides additional physical and mental health benefits.

For the safe and effective management of many injuries, Pilates is recommended by qualified Pilates trainers, doctors, physiotherapists and fitness experts. From small beginnings during the first half of the 20th century to the world-wide movement that it is today, Pilates has transformed many lives through its discipline, concentration and breathing techniques. More information is available at www.physioonbrunswick.com.au.


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