Pilates v's Yoga

Both Pilates and yoga have rapidly increased in popularity over the past years, with yoga doubling in popularity over the past 8 years and Pilates having a 450% increase in attendance over the past 15 years, with slight sign of slowing down! 

The practice of Yoga is estimated to be more than 5000 years old and regular practice is said to raise levels of GABA amino acids in the blood, which are vital to cognitive function and mood regulation. Yoga can benefit your body with sounder sleep, reduced BP, a lower risk of diabetes and greater flexibility! A well-known yoga pose is; ‘child’s pose’. Where you sit back with glutes just above your heels, arms stretched over your head and relax into the floor. Hold for 10 breaths; repeat.

In the 1920s, a man named Joseph Pilates in New York opened his own Body Conditioning Gym. He created the now Pilates machines, as a tool for inner muscle activation.  Benefits of Pilates include; core strength, less back pain, better posture and injury resistance. Famous personalities such as; David Beckham, Hugh Grant, Tiger Woods and LeBron James are fans of the practice. Research has found Pilates training to increase “alpha peak power”, which is related to improved neural networks and memory. A popular Pilates exercise is ‘the hundred’. Lying on your back with your knees bent up at 90 degrees, brace your abs and lift head off the floor. Pulse your arms and inhale for 5 reps and exhale for 5 reps, 20 times.

This information was compiled from the May 2017 “Men’s Health Magazine”, they decided Pilates wins!

Their verdict reads: “Extinguish the incense. While yoga’s stress relief credentials should not be swept under the mat, Pilates’ focus on core strength and posture makes it the ideal way to see off desk-induced aches and slow the march of time”.

Look after your body and invest in the invaluable benefits of Pilates.  If you need to commence a Pilates programme Physio on Brunswick offers Pilates tailored to each individual in the Fortitude Valley, New Farm, Teneriffe, Brisbane and surrounds please call 3252 5277 to book your initial assessment. 


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