• Heel wedges

  • Heel Wedge

    Heel wedge

    Heel wedges can be used to reduce pronation and supination by angling the heel bone either medially or laterally and when standing, walking or running. Technically, these heel wedges can alter joint loading and actually decrease the loading on the different components of both the ankle, knee and hip joint and help to decrease pain in these areas.

  • Orthaheel thongs

  • Orthoheel Thongs

    Orthaheel thongs

    Orthaheel's unique motion controlling foot-bed features a contoured arch and deep heel cup that realigns your stride and helps relieve foot and lower body pain.

  • Plantar faciitis compression socks

  • Compression Foot Sleeve

    Compression foot sleeve

    FS6 incorporates a compression zone technology designed to treat plantar fasciitis pain and deliver increased blood flow to damaged tissue.

  • Vasyli orthotics

  • Vasyli Orthotics

    Vasyli orthotics

    Specifically designed to assist foot function, performance and comfort across a wide range of applications. Cost effective and can be dispensed in minutes, Vasyli orthotics provide natural re-alignment of the feet and lower limbs.

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