A diverse range of services to help you be your best

Whether you are injured or want to improve your health, an individual or a sporting club, a small business or a large corporation, an elite athlete or wanting to improve your poor health, Physio on Brunswick has a solution to suit your needs. We realise that while physiotherapy is essential for recovery and good health, there are a range of other services that complement and assist physio to keep you in shape. Think of Physio on Brunswick as your total physical wellbeing centre. Our services, in addition to physiotherapy, include Pilates, massage therapy, workplace assessments, and corporate massage. 

Whether you’re a sports person, someone with general aches and pains, someone looking to get fit again, battling a serious injury, or are disabled and looking for a way to strengthen your body, Physio on Brunswick has a world of options, expertise, and solutions. 

Please review our individual areas of practice for more details, or contact us on 07 3252 527, or you can use the ‘Contact Us’ or ‘Book an appointment’ pages and we will be happy to discuss options with you and help you get back in your best possible shape. 


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