An advanced trainer who understands your body science

Our exercise physiologist is a highly qualified trainer, therapist, and nutritionist who understands your body and any conditions you may have, and creates an exercise programme specifically tailored to suit your needs and goals. During your sessions, our exercise physiologist will formulate your programme, put you through your paces physically, and review your progress to keep you on track to achieve your physical ambitions. 

Do you want to get your body back to the way it used to be?

Many people find that over time their body has slowly gotten out of shape, and find a different person in the mirror than they would like to see. If you’d like to return your body to food health, our exercise physiologist is the perfect person to speak to. 

Do you want to reach your peak physical capabilities?

If you are in training and would like that expert push that it takes to reach your absolute best, speak to our exercise physiologist. A plan will be created to suit your sport or individual physical targets, with the ideal balance if exercise and nutrition. As an expert in exercise regime and body science, and exercise physiologist is the secret weapon that can give you the edge you need to reach and exceed your targets. 


Whether your plan is to be an elite athlete, or to get yourself off the couch and discover a healthy you, speak to our exercise physiologist. If you're going to put in the hard yards, be smart about it and get the best results with the right advice. To discover the you that you know you can be, contact us today.